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Creating lasting change

Embedding sustainability into the heart of your organisation

The business case for sustainability is well proven - what organisations now need is robust and effective support for ‘how’ to create a sustainable business. We believe this starts from within; delivering work that has a purpose beyond just making money, whilst also creating an enabling environment for people to work in a purposeful way. Any changes need to be owned by your employees, owners and wider stakeholders to endure for the long term. 

This is where our sustainability consultancy can help.

We enable you to build a sustainable business, whether that is how you motivate employees, build relevance with customers, embed sustainable innovation into processes and R&D, responsibly engage your communities of stakeholders, or improve your environmental performance and decarbonise your operations. 

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What good sustainability should deliver

Dial in the green to show how good sustainability delivers high performance cultures

High performance cultures

Continuous linked loop to demonstrate the benefit of long term relationships from implementing good sustainability

Long term relationships

Graph to show positive impact on business growth from implementing good sustainability

Growth business

From seed to oak, how good sustainability helps brands to grow

Growth brands

icon showing happy healthy employees as a result of implementing good sustainability programmes

Happy, engaged employees

Our Services

Years of helping clients, researching and finessing approaches, as well as teaching multiple generations of employees has honed our approach in how we can help you. 

Our sustainability consultancy approach is to work with you – as in, work with a small team of your employees to build up their knowledge and engagement whilst we deliver (or co-create) the projects. This ensures you retain the unique knowledge and experience even after we have left. 

Often, we become long-term partners on our client's sustainable business journey, giving specialist advice for longer-term implementation. But even then, this is done in a way that ensures ownership, change and impact is owned and leveraged by your business. The change journey is about you and what you can create.

We offer 8 core service areas, which are flexible according to your needs.  

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Why Work With Purpose?

Are you underestimating key success factors already existing in your business?

Purposeful brands have been shown to grow 50% faster than the rest of the business; engaged and purposeful employees are 55% more likely to rise to directors, stay longer, be more fulfilled and perform higher.


There are existing opportunities in your business to be explored and leveraged. We can help you find those opportunities. We will also be your confidential critical friend; identifying gaps and risks and helping you to address them.


We are good at this because we are:

Butterflies - a symbol of hope and purity thriving in a sustainable future


Described as the people who “do not settle with just changing the oil of the car, but also find a way to better redesign the engine as the car is driving”, we can offer you a fresh and innovative perspective.


Our key people have worked both in-house and as consultants.

This brings valuable insight into how things can actually be delivered in complex and sometimes difficult situations. 

Real-World Practitioners

It takes experience to translate best practice sustainability into the complexities of the real world. Years of navigating sometimes ‘messy’ realities to find a bespoke way to deliver your outcomes means we have a very high success rate.

 A Senior Resource

We have over 40 years of experience between us, working on a wide variety of sustainability consultancy programmes from environment & energy, community, diversity, reporting, strategy to ESG measuring.

Healthy fish swim free in a clean ocean from sustainable practices

Our Work

Implementation Support Project

Implementation support - a flexible experienced resource

We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, especially when we help them on their implementation journey. A unique benefit we can offer is a range of expertise and skills that you would normally have to source from a wide range of different people at a higher cost. Whether we support you on ESG reporting, programme management, guiding your sustainability team, or performing annual reviews and reports, we are a flexible resource to plug into your sustainability team as and when you need.

Purpose Articulation Project

Creating an authentic, realistic and inspiring Purpose

An organisation’s purpose is not just a pretty sentence on the Reception wall – it is a living statement that guides the business in your direction, targets, the way you behave, and what you do. A Purpose statement needs to be authentic, realistic and practical, and inspiring; a statement of intent written in the voice of the business that is culturally appropriate.  

Supply Chain Project

Defining sustainability in the supply chain

Sustainable supply chains are critical not just for sustainability performance but also the viability of the business. With so many disruptions and volatility affecting the supply chain, it is critical to develop the sustainability of your supply chain.

A healthy seabed thriving in a clean ocean saved by sustainable practices
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