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Purpose Articulation

Identifying your ‘North star’

The role of business in society is a fundamental debate that has been argued for centuries. In recent decades it has again been called into question – stakeholders across the spectrum have challenged the view that a business’ purpose is solely to make money. We believe that human concerns and motivations drive an organisation’s purpose. We want to make a positive difference, and if we get that right, we can also succeed financially. 


A 'Purpose Statement' clarifies an organisation’s primary responsibility. It is usually the starting point for a sustainability strategy, setting the tone and direction. It is often described as your “North star”; a possible state of being, ahead of you, that guides your journey. 


A 'Purpose' needs to identify what you stand for, who you are and why you are unique. Your Purpose needs to have a long-term view, but also be an inspiring call to action for the business cycle you are about to start.


However, we do not believe it should be simply an exciting sentence that is painted on a Reception lobby but never actually lived. It is important that it is representative and authentic to your organisation, actionable, and genuinely guides the direction of your sustainability strategy. 

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We can help you to:

Develop your sustainability strategy’s purpose

We can review existing materials and work done for the sustainability programme to develop its key theme and desired outcome. We can then align with the business strategy and cultural norm to develop a motivating articulation of that purpose.

Develop your corporate purpose

It is important to understand the common motivation and difference that your employees and stakeholders want to make. We can help you articulate how what you do can make a unique difference and develop a motivating articulation of that purpose.


of companies with a clearly articulated and understood purpose experienced growth of +10% higher than businesses without a clearly understood purpose.

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A good Corporate Purpose, done right…

... provides inspiration, direction and clarity

Develops a realistic, engaging, authentic, and legitimate purpose

Aligns the Purpose with your organisational culture

Understands where you are going and excites stakeholders to take the journey with you

Purpose Articulation in Action

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Creating an authentic, realistic and inspiring Purpose

An organisation’s purpose is not just a pretty sentence on the Reception wall – it is a living statement that guides the business in your direction, targets, the way you behave, and what you do. A Purpose statement needs to be authentic, realistic and practical, and inspiring; a statement of intent written in the voice of the business that is culturally appropriate.  

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