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Sustainable supply chains & innovation

Working together to innovate solutions

A business can flourish or fall based on the health and sustainability of your supply chain. Your supply chain can be a significant source of your impact; your scope 3 carbon footprint, a rich complex system in which to partner and innovate, or an opportunity to leverage to showcase your positive impact, for example in how you nurture SMEs and local businesses. 

We can help you learn about your supply chain from a different perspective and understand where your risks and opportunities are. As you start your sustainability journey, it may become apparent how important your supply chain is in finding new solutions to existing issues (for example purchase better waste management or find alternative materials). It can also be a source of opportunities and risks; one client whose product was dependent on silver did not realise that virgin silver is running out until we did a risks & opportunities assessment of their supply chain. This insight is now driving them to innovate, future proof their business, and embed circular economy into their sector. 


We face some tough challenges, and partnerships are critical in solving them. We can walk alone, but it will likely be harder, more expensive, and take longer. Setting up and running partnerships based around shared issues and agendas can be hugely rewarding, but how you set up and run these collaborations needs to be done sensitively; we can help you establish and manage these collaborations. 

Your supply chain can also be a source of opportunity. Reporting standards and government legislation is increasingly pushing companies to identify, measure and better manage the impact you have on – and through – your supply chain.

  • How do you ensure responsible behaviour and sustainable social and environmental impact is taken into consideration?

  • How do you develop and roll out a Sustainable Supply Chain charter or standard?  


We can help.

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We can help you to:

Do a risks & opportunities assessment of your supply chain

We can help you identify and map your supply chain and review where there are risks and opportunities to your sustainability strategy. We can support your  procurement team to update their risk register and plan how to leverage the opportunities identified.  

Manage collaborations and partnerships

We can act as a third party ‘secretariat’ setting up and managing a stakeholder collaboration. First, we identify the shared agenda and desired outcomes, to agree terms for engagement, and then we can articulate and run the programme with clear governance, ownership, funding, and roles and responsibilities.

Embed sustainability standards into your supply chain

A sustainable supply chain code or charter can be very powerful. We can help you identify what standards you need from your supply chain, develop that into a clear supplier guide, and responsibly roll that out to your suppliers. Implementation is key. We can also help you plan the right way to manage and monitor. 

“A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

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A sustainable supply chain, done right…

... future proofs your business

Has established long term sustainability goals

Includes first tier and lower-tier suppliers in its overall strategy

Takes a direct, indirect and collaborative approach to innovation, managing and monitoring

Sustainable Supply Chain in Action

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Defining sustainability in the supply chain

Sustainable supply chains are critical not just for sustainability performance but also the viability of the business. With so many disruptions and volatility affecting the supply chain, it is critical to develop the sustainability of your supply chain.

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