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Designing sustainable businesses

Creating the right solution for you

Birds flying free in a healthy sustainable environment

We offer 8 core areas of consultancy, all available as bespoke programmes to deliver your objectives. 

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Guiding you through your sustainability change

The process usually starts with an open conversation about what has directed you to seek help. Whatever stage of corporate sustainability maturity you are at, it is important to establish your ‘Current state’ and need. Once this is agreed, we can build a roadmap that is right for you. 

Starting the journey

Some clients are at the start of their journey, and need help exploring what their first steps should be. Do you need to invest in a bespoke sustainability strategy, or do you need to first identify the business case and engage colleagues and leaders?

Reinvigorate your approach

Other clients already have some experience as a sustainable business but need a fresh pair of eyes to reinvigorate their approach. We can review your approach, refresh your materiality matrix, and make suggestions for moving to the next level. 

Reaching new horizons

Or you may be doing very well but need specific and targeted support to fill a gap you have identified, such as your performance on diversity, community engagement approach, or developing and enacting a climate change and adaptation strategy. 

Ongoing Support

Our long-term relationships with clients are very rewarding.

We are a trusted and flexible extra resource for ongoing implementation, such as facilitation of a climate change taskforce or managing your annual sustainability reporting. In addition to giving specialist advice as and when the need arises - offered on on a retainer basis, or flexible number of days a month support to utilise where needed.

Free flying birds in a healthy sustainable environment
Specialist advice

Creating your bespoke sustainability roadmap

Investing in sustainable business is not an unknown journey; frameworks and management approaches exist and have proven to be very helpful. We have been part of developing some of those frameworks and are expert at utilising them in the way that is right for you. 

Healthy fish swim free in a clean ocean from sustainable practices

4-step strategy development

Our strategy development process takes a 4-step approach that is grounded in change management and strategy development theory. We use the proven approach of identifying your current state, then your desired state, and then mapping the change journey to get from the first to the later. Embedded within that process are materiality assessment, benchmarking, mega trends analysis, stakeholder engagement, and developing your strategy temple. 

3 horizons thinking for long-term implementation

We find the 3 horizons model useful when we build your long-term implementation roadmap; identifying your immediate and next step actions and results, whilst also embedding actions that will deliver longer term change and success across 5, 10 and 15 years. 

Governance & management protocol

As your implementation partner we can help you establish a Steering Committee or Taskforce with a cascaded management & governance approach and programme management organisation structure. This can be a powerful tool for delivering outcomes, cascading change, and embedding ownership. 

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