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Sustainable Workplaces

Living and breathing sustainability

To fully embed sustainability into an organisation, the organisation itself (the culture, or way of working) needs to be sustainable. How responsibly is power used; do control systems, leadership, communications and social norms encourage responsible behaviours?

  • Creating a responsible workplace culture can guide every-day work and tasks to make a difference whilst driving business objectives. This can unleash talent, innovation and motivation of your employees.

  • Leveraging employee motivation through ‘work with purpose’ can improve productivity, loyalty, strengthen volunteering teams, drive innovation and help sustainability professionals achieve your agenda. How well will your culture, people, communications and social norms make or break your sustainability strategy?

We have developed a ‘Sustainable Culture’ review framework that identifies enablers and barriers from organisational culture. These insights provide bespoke recommendations for how to adapt your broader sustainability change programme.

Key to a sustainable workplace is facilitating the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of your employees. Wellbeing is now understood to be a core part of creating a robust and productive workforce. This is not just about a good Occupational Health Strategy. It goes further to understand how cultural elements impact emotional wellbeing causes such as purpose, autonomy, and mastery; the more robust approach is to look at both “Heathy hearts and happy minds”. 

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We can help you to:

Develop a sustainable organisational culture

We have developed a culture model that can diagnose and identify change levers for embedding sustainability into your organisation. We can review your culture and/or your sustainability strategy to recommend how to account for cultural enablers and barriers.

Facilitate Happy minds, Healthy hearts

We can analyse your wellbeing and engagement data to identify your material wellbeing concerns, audit your current performance and benchmark your approach, make recommendations for achieving better wellbeing outcomes, and develop a robust Wellbeing Strategy framework.

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Sustainable Workplaces in Action

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Creating a productive, engaged and high performing culture

Sustainable workplaces are workplaces that enable emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing is about the culture of the workplace, such as stress, bullying or political, overwork, or caring, nurturing, empowering and responsible. Mental wellbeing is about looking after your people, whether managing the mental impacts of work (e.g. stress from abusive customers or excessive overwork) or how work can trigger personal mental health concerns (e.g. stress leading to depression). Work has a significant impact on physical wellbeing, e.g. sedentary lifestyles from desk work or strains and injuries from physical tasks.

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