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ESG Sustainability

Engaging investors constructively

ESG (environmental, social, governance) is the term many investors use for sustainability; to us, these are one and the same. Specific for investors, ESG is helpful as it provides a focus on measuring impact, reporting, and validating your performance. 

Investors have increasingly switched on to how sustainability (or ESG) future proofs a business and increases its value in the longer term. Your investor reporting needs likely have increased significantly, and we can help you to navigate these new demands. What ESG specific reporting standards should you adhere to – GRI, CDP, TCFD etc. What validation do you need of your data? What investor indices should you invest in? 

The answers to these questions depend on your business type, impact, risks & opportunities and therefore what issues your investors care about. Is it paying living wage, diversity on the Board, supply chain risk assessment, a climate change strategy, or data on anti-bribery?

Understanding and reporting your materiality is a requirement for investors and the investment community. Undertaking a materiality assessment can be an exciting learning experience, providing useful insights as well as a robust report and risk & opportunity approach to share with investors and regulators.  

We can help you navigate this landscape by identifying what is relevant to you for:

  • What you should be reporting and how, and where you can do this from existing good work already occurring in your business (and a gap analysis to identify where more action is needed)

  • What standards you should sign up to

  • What validation of your data is needed

  • What investor indices may be relevant for you

  • Develop your materiality matrix, following a robust process and resulting report that is compliant for ESG reporting and disclosure.

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We can help you to:

Prepare you for increased investor ESG reporting

We can review your investor community for their reporting requests, and identify future trends or standards that are likely to arise. We can review your current approach and identify where further work will help switch you from reactive to proactive to investor ESG requests. 

Improve your ESG reporting

We can do a gap analysis of where you currently can and cannot report performance and impact, and what is expected of you. We can review what good work is being done that can be leveraged better, and work with you to link the ESG reporting gaps with the sustainability strategy review and continuous improvement cycle. 

“Shareholders are getting serious about sustainability; ESG is almost universally top of mind for investor executives.”

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A good approach to ESG reporting, done right…

... works alongside the sustainability strategy

Prepares you for investor requests ahead of time

Establishes a robust approach to measuring and reporting

Reduces duplication of work and aligns data and messaging

ESG Support in Action

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ESG Support

The term ‘ESG’ is commonly used for the investment community, in effect covering the same considerations as sustainability. Investors are increasingly interested in sustainability and how a company embraces the risks and opportunities and improves management of specific issues. 'Hot topics' continue to be diversity, staff wellbeing, resilient supply chains, decarbonisation and climate change adaptation.

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ESG in action
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